DentalCad, new release 5

marzo 25, 2016 10:03 am

3D technology for the dental industry reached another milestone with the advent of DentalCad 5.0: maximum performance with a fast and intuitive interface!


One of the most appreciated software for dental design and modeling reaches its full integrity with the new 5.0 version.

This latest release not only allows you to use all the features that gave it notoriety but introduces also important news offering a complete solution for dental technicians, all at the service of the user experience.

The news included in the new version introduce the possibility to work with a broad range of advanced jobs and many improvements regarding the software usability.

Specifically, some of these are:


  • Bars for edentulous patients: thanks to the new module it will be possible to realize bars with different attachment libraries managed by a new and more performing algorithm;
  • Implants with gum: allows the implant acquisition directly on the gum using the margin line also as functional reference;
  • Locators scanning with a simple and automatic managing tool throughout the order manager;
  • Automatic updates to ensure the product best performance;
  • Direct integration with Digital Smile System (DSS) software allows to import the rehibilitation project in a CAD environment and to realize the mockup in order to use it as reference for the final project realization. This feature’s advantages are clear not only for dentists and dental technicians, who gets a fluid workflow which keeps steady the patient’s expected result, but also for patients themselves who get proof about the final aestethic outcome;
  • New abutment management: it is now possible to realize the abutment lower part in a fast and simple way avoiding the margin line process.

Efficient and with a recognizable interface, DentalCAD 5 has got a renowed look: modern and charming and it also allows users to have a more freedom of choice.