EGS @ IDS 2017!

febbraio 10, 2017 4:29 pm

IDS 2017: discover the flagship of EGS digital dentistry products from March 21st to March 25th in Cologne, Germany. Hall 4.1, Stand B088.


EGS is excited to announce its presence at the 37th edition of the International Dental Show. On this occasion, EGS will reveal its new range of products that combine state-of-the-art 3D technology with in-depth dental expertise to provide cutting edge solutions for modern digital dentistry and much more.

In order to show the capability and innovative potential of the company to the international market, EGS is thrilled to unveil “LoScanner,” strong suit and newest advocate of its range of high performing 3D scanners.

LoScanner is about to revolutionize dental 3D scanners as we know them. A quick glance at this digital dentistry masterpiece is enough to understand that its innovative, high-profile design is something previously unseen among scanners of this kind. EGS took on the ambitious task to bring a beautifully-designed object on a working space, a piece whose looks and structure will amaze even before its functionality had a chance to do so. EGS invites the press and all those interested in knowing more about this groundbreaking scanner to visit its booth at IDS: Hall 4.1, Stand B088.

EGS will also shed light on the novelties brought by the latest versions of its CAD softwares and scanners, which further increase the accuracy, simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the earlier releases.

EGS’ structured light 3D scanner, DScan 4, features an intuitive Plug&Play installation and Blue LED technology, which allows faster and more reliable scans, with customizable acquisition strategies and accuracy up to 0.015 mm. DScan 4 is a high precision tool, specialized in the acquisition of three-dimensional surfaces for all kinds of dental models, removable multi die models, abutments, scan bodies, implants, bite/antagonist, impressions and verticulator, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Thanks to a smart geometrical arrangement of the optics and its special plate, the calibration of the optics and axis is done automatically in a few minutes. To provide the utmost usability, all acquired data can be exported to common formats such as STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC, easily readable by any CAD/CAM system.
For more information visit: DScan

Pioneer of digital dentistry’s CAD modeling software, EGS will also present the upgrades brought by the new release of DentalCad 6, an open and customizable system that integrates a compatibility converter to make the import/export of STL files with an automatic, simple and intuitive wizard. The latest version of the software provides even higher flexibility thanks to the new “library manager,” which allows users to take advantage of a fully customizable dental library. Another feature that strikes a chord in the new DentalCad 6 is the implementation of “hybrid jobs,” a novelty that allows the possibility to operate on various dental works on the same arch or double arch.
The software features a range of modules designed to fit specific needs: the implant module for the design of abutments, the virtual verticulator for check of dynamic occlusion, the bars module for the design of simple and advanced bars, and the provisional module for temporary crowns and bridges.

EGS offers a perpetual license with no obligatory fees, while providing regular free-of-charge updates that grow the software’s value over time. These capabilities, together with the CAM integration in a single graphic interface, make DentalCad 6 a customizable and comprehensive solution for 3D printing, milling and laser sintering that is suitable for all users, regardless of their level of digital expertise.
For more info: DentalCad

Finally, at IDS 2017, EGS will present the Digital Smile System, an intuitive, precise, high-performance software that makes digital projects for aesthetic and functional smile rehabilitation simple and automatic. Thanks to automatic calibration instruments, Digital Smile System is able to obtain real measurements and
realize accurate projects without the need of photo editing softwares. Following an intuitive and guided process dentists will be able to show to the patient the preview of the prosthetic result, giving technicians all the necessary information to realize the project and ensuring a better communication among dentists, patients and dental technicians. Among other features, DSS comes with free drawing functions, the management of real models in both 2D and 3D format, as well as DentalCad integration with a simple and guided workflow to realize the mockup. The trial version of the software is available for free on its website: Digital Smile System

EGS’ commitment to excellence, combined with years of research and development, allowed EGS to specialize in the integration of 3D technologies with CAD design and CAM modules to provide avant-garde customized applications for a variety of fields. Specifically, it successfully transfered its know-how in 3D technology to the dental industry. Founded in 2002 and based in Bologna, EGS boasts a worldwide network of qualified and reliable partners and resellers, promoting international distribution and high-quality assistance everywhere 24/7.
For more information about EGS visit: or visit its booth at IDS 2017, Hall 4.1, Stand B088.