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EGS - 3D Technology Experts

EGS, with over 15 years experience in the CAD / CAM industry, is always in the front line offering innovative solutions. It combines complete solutions3D scanners, CAD design and integration with CAM modules – for custom applications in areas such as aerospace, automotive, machinery, consumer products, dies and molds, furniture, household appliances, medical devices, transportation, sporting goods and so on. It has always been recognized for its know-how and 3D technology to the OEM market, EGS is now able to provide standard products for 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering.


Technology Partner

Technology partnerFirst-class proprietary technology

EGS technology is fully developed in-house to ensure maximum control, safety and quality . EGS develops all its components in a proprietary way , maximizing the quality, ensuring complete control and speeding up the updating process . With working processes focusing on the best online performance with the Quality Management System (QMS) .

Technology Partner

ScanningAccuracy and precision.

The technology used by our 3D scanner is structured light . By projecting a series of light patterns on the object and capturing the entire area using high resolution cameras , you get a 3D scan . Our products offer great precision and accuracy , allowing a highly detailed reproduction .

Technology Partner

CAD toolsWith customized solutions

Job strategies dedicated to different areas of application and flexible modeling tools  integrated with scanning tools , guarantee the production of high quality 3D models . EGS works closely with its partners and offers the possibility of complete customization for both hardware and software , in order to meet any specific request for technological adjustment or design .

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