Structured light 3D scanners for the dental industry with Blue LED technology which allows faster and more accurate scanning. Designed for scanning all kinds of dental models, see dies, find impressions and verticulator, ensuring accuracy and reliability.


Main Features

High accuracy

Up to 0.015 mm accuracy, tested in a metrological environment.

Customizable acquisition strategies

Arches, dies, bridges, antagonists, wax-ups, impressions, implants.

Maximum Reliability

High quality mechanical and electronic components.


Automatic Calibration

Thanks to its special plate, axes and optics calibration is automatic in just 5 minutes.


Supplied with DentalCad software and an integrated PC already installed, DScan is fully Plug&Play. Only a monitor and a mouse are required to use the scanner.

Open System

Datasets can be exported in open formats, which can be read using any CAD/CAM system.

Compact Size

Thanks to its reduced size and weight, DScan can fit in any laboratory.

Available in bundle with



Software for dental laboratory dedicated the design and modeling. Based on a proprietary technology customizable and easy to use.

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