JScan is an extremely precise, simple, intuitive and high-performance 3D scanner.

The high accuracy of JScan and its technical features allow the perfect acquisition of objects such as buckles, heels, precious stones and small objects with reflective and complex surfaces, thanks to the particular geometrical arrangement of the optics.

JScan - 3D Scanner

Main features

High accuracy

It offers maximum precision and accuracy, acquiring even the smallest detail, allowing a highly detailed reconstruction and offering powerful point cloud management tools.

Up to 0.015 mm accuracy, tested in a metrological environment.

Maximum Reliability

JScan was developed entirely by EGS, including Lumen acquisition software, for greater reliability, speed and efficiency.

High quality mechanical and electronic components.

Automatic Calibration

Thanks to its special plate, axes and optics calibration is automatic in just 5 minutes.

JScan offers maximum precision and accuracy
JScan Offers Automatic Calibration


Supplied with Leios software and an integrated PC already installed, JScan is fully Plug&Play. Only a monitor and a mouse are required to use the scanner.

Open System

JScan works with open and standard formats, allowing individual product components to be used together with third-party products that support the same formats.

Datasets can be exported in open formats, which can be read using any CAD/CAM system.

Compact Size

Thanks to its reduced size and weight, JScan can fit in any laboratory.

Available in bundle with



Simple and reliable software for processing 3D scans, mesh editing and reverse engineering. Leios provides an easy, fast, powerful and convenient way to go from 3D scanner to CAD, facilitating the development of 3D scans and editing of triangular meshes.

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