Simple and reliable software for processing 3D scans, mesh editing and reverse engineering. Leios provides an easy, fast, powerful and convenient way to go from 3D scanner to CAD, facilitating the development of 3D scans and editing of triangular meshes. With Leios you can capture data from any type of 3D scanner, to transform the point cloud into a NURBS mathematical model in a fast and easy way with complete control of each step and to analyze the results with powerful monitoring tools.

Main features

Streamlined Workflow

  • Scan Data
  • Mesh Elaboration
  • Mesh modeling
  • Reconstruction by Fitting
  • Surfacing and Inspection
  • Export
Leios2R10 (2)

Hardware Optimization

Leios is optimized for the latest cutting edge technology the market provides.

Faster time-to-market approach

Wizard approach dramatically shortens time to market, providing one-click functions for the most common uses.

Scanner integration

Direct integration with the most popular 3D scanners on the market with dedicated tools allow a rapid optimization of point clouds and meshes and full support for textures and huge raw datasets.

Sculpting Tools

Direct sculpting on mesh for prototyping, archiving and improvement.

Leios2R10 (1)


Available in bundle with



Also available in bundle with JScan, structured-light 3D scanner with Blue LED technology specifically designed for scanning of jewelry and small items.

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