DentalSuite is the answer to the dental industry requests for a complete product that covers the entire 3D scanning process, modeling and design in an integrated and functional way. It is a solution that combines performance, reliability and accuracy.

Main Features

Open and customizable system

DentalSuite works with open and standards formats, allowing you to use individual product components along with third-party products that support the same formats.

Import/Export of standard formats: STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC.

Lifetime license

EGS offers a perpetual license with no additional fee.

Updating & Maintenance

A software and hardware solution fully proprietary means more than reliability, optimized performance and reduced risk of software conflicts. It also means the possibility for our technicians to have a quick understanding, deep and focused of any malfunction or problem.

EGS provides a regular release of updates and a maintenance program to value the software over the time.

Powerful but easy

Designed to be user-friendly and to speed up the organization of work, the database is easy, accessible and structured to allow you to define and easily keep track of all jobs. Even the most complex multi-scan can be easily performed while maintaining the freedom of choice to the experience of the technician.

Perfect for both first-time and experienced users.

Manifold mesh

High quality results for 3D printing, milling and laser sintering.

DScan & DentalCAD

CAM integration

DentalCad, EGS’ dental modeling software, thanks to a dedicated control allows direct integration with the CAM software SUM3D Dental and, therefore, the management of both the CAD, the nesting’s setup and the CAM processing in a single graphical interface. Once the jobs in DentalCad are completed, the user will be able to select the integrated icon in DentalCad managing all automatically with SUM3D Dental, instead of import the file and then re-import it into the CAM extending the management time. This will make everything easy and fast, allowing to perform jobs by the calculation engine and the automatisms of CIMsystem software keeping operations in a single environment.

CAM Integration With DentalCAD

The Suite includes



3D structured light scanner with Blue LED technology for dental restorations. A unique solution to scan all kinds of dental models, dies, impressions and verticulator, ensuring precision and reliability.

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Software for dental laboratory dedicated the design and modeling. Based on a proprietary technology customizable and easy to use. It is at the top of the category for functionality and accuracy.

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