JScanSuite is the answer to the requests of the manufacturing industry and the jewelry for a complete product that covers the entire 3D scanning process, modeling and design in an integrated and functional way. It is a solution that combines performance, reliability and accuracy.


Main features

Open and customizable system

JScanSuite works with open and standard formats, allowing you to use individual product components along with third-party products that support the same formats.

Import/Export of standard formats: STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC.

Lifetime license

EGS offers a perpetual license with no additional fee.

Updating & Maintenance

A fully proprietary software and hardware solution means more than reliability, optimized performance and reduced risk of software conflicts. It also means the possibility for our technicians to have a quick understanding, deep and focused of any malfunction or problem.

EGS provides a regular release of updates and a maintenance program to value the software over the time.


The high performance in terms of quality and speed allows high productivity and faster ROI.

Manifold mesh:

High quality results for 3D printing, milling and laser sintering.

Jscan Scanner and Leios Software

The Suite includes



Structured-light 3D scanner with Blue LED technology specifically designed for scanning of jewelry and small items. Allows you to replicate accurate copies of real objects, masters and wax models reducing time and development costs.

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Simple and reliable software for processing 3D scans, mesh editing and reverse engineering. Leios provides an easy, fast, powerful and convenient way to go from 3D scanner to CAD, facilitating the development of 3D scans and editing of triangular meshes.

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